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It's a standard holiday question: What do you get the stoner who seemingly has it all?

Don't stress — now is the perfect time to drop some weed-inspired fashion and culture in your gift giving this holiday season. This collection of apparel and accessories includes high-profile marijuana brands and up-and-coming cannabis fashion designers taking over social media, so you can find the perfect addition to your gift list. These pieces work for all, regardless of gender, background, or level of cannabis experience.

So, give the gift of staying fitted and looking fresh with weed-forward apparel and accessories this holiday season.

Shirts, Tanks, Tees, Long Sleeves

Stigma and Style St*Ner T-shirt

Some fear being labeled a stoner while others welcome it. For all those who want to embrace stonerism, Stigma and Style has the tee for you.

Price: $35

Stoned Age Pothead Short Sleeve T-shirt - Charcoal

Stoned Age has the perfect gray t-shirt for your favorite pothead. Until you can surprise them with a vase full of bud, this shirt will do.

Price: $38

Weedmaps Men's Classic Tee (Black)

A classic never dies. Show the homie that always picks-up for the sesh that their contributions don't go unnoticed.

Price: $25

West Coast Cure CURE Box Raised Ink Tee

If you have someone in your life that loves smoking gas, they likely smoke West Coast Cure. Show 'em some love with a bright orange tee that is as loud as they are.

Price: $25

Roze Volca Strain Shirt in Soft Cream

Get that botany buff this beautiful tee to show off his or her high fashion and knowledge.

Price: $28

Stoned Age 'The Company' Long Sleeve Tee Shirt - Green

Growing, trimming, smoking — people pay good money for such services.

Price: $56

Sweaters & Hoodies

Melodie Perrault 'I Think I'm High' Sweatshirt

C'mon, you know you're high if you're wearing this cute sweater.

Price: $44.50

Cookies SF Thin Mint Hoodie

Show your Drugstore Cowboy what's good with a Cookies SF Hoodie.

Price: $80

Los Angeles Kush 'Smoking Chills' Women's Hoodie — Black and White

This crop top sweater is the cutest way to drop a hint: Beware, smoking chills.

Price: $60

Nature Child Mao Hoody — Heather

Some Mao-y Wowie for the friend that has radical ideas in which he or she vehemently believes.

Price: $89.50

Caps, Beanies, Socks, Shoes, and Underwear

Weedmaps Smile Dad Hat (Black)

Don't you just love that person who is always down to smoke and philosophize about how the world should be? Gift that buddy a Weedmaps Smile Dad Hat for their elevated mind.

Price: $24

Weedmaps Classic Socks

These classic crew socks will be enjoyed by your recipient all year long.

Price: $10

Cookies' Men's Leaf Boxer Briefs

For the person who loves to rock Cookies SF from head to toe.

Price: $24

College Chicago Blunt Feathers Black Red 2017 Beanie

Smoking outside in the dead of winter can be rough. Keep your blunt buddy's head cozy and warm with this Blunt Feathers beanie.

Price: $25

Sneakers and Backpacks

Cypress Hill x Black Sunday Sneaker Collab

The Cypress Hill x Black Sunday sneaker collab radiates with vibes. Every curve and jagged line is inspired by some aspect of cannabis. Pre-order before they hit the market.

Price: N/A

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Hemp'

If SB's are already on your gift list, step it up a notch with a pair made out of hemp. SB Dunk Low even includes a subtle nod at Rastafari culture with green, yellow and red Nike logos on the tongue, inside sole, and back of the shoe.

Price: $150

Cookies V2 Backpacks

Cookies V2 backpacks are lined with carbon fiber and have special zippers to trap the hypnotic aroma of weed.

Price: $98


WCC Crown Pin

For anyone fit to wear a crown and smoke the best West Coast flower, a WCC pin will be a golden addition to their holiday gifts.

Price: $5

Stay Highdrated Pin


You know that friend that is always telling you to drink more water at the sesh? Instead of yet another sarcastic, "Thanks, mom," surprise them with a pin that shows you're listening (kind of).

Price: $14

Wealthy Loser — 4/20 Calendar Pin

Mark your calendar.

Price: $15


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